646 PLUS is new type of semi gloss water based sealer.

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646 PLUS is new type of semi gloss water based  sealer.

Self-crosslinking resins are one component
systems that perform like a two part products.
646 PLUS outperforms 2 part products in hot tire resistance tests.
Never before seen early water and stain resistance.

This sealer gives you plastic film-forming protection, while adding a beautiful semi-gloss to your pavers, brick, concrete,  masonry and other porous stone applications. 646 PLUS is water-based, and gives you a low gloss luster that maintians more of the natural look of the stone. 646 PLUS greatly out-performs any product, making it the best semi-gloss sealer available !
 On hot days when your acrylic sealers are softening in the sun; Satin/ Low Gloss 646 PLUS maintains it’s integrity !
 Our water-based self-crosslinking Acrylic/ Polys are not to be confused with oil based polys like you would use on an outside picnic table. When properly applied; this product does not yellow, crack, or peel. This is a very different chemical, from the oil-based version.
 For exterior applications; use this as a stand alone product. Apply 646 PLUS prior to grouting, and as the finish product.

DESCRIPTION: SATIN 646 PLUS is a Self-Crosslinking Acrylic /Polyurethane low V.O.C. Sealer that has great chemical resistance, early water-resistance, and good hot
tire resistance. 646 gives plastic film forming protection and color enhancement while maintaining a beautiful, natural satin look.
SATIN 646 PLUS is below 100 V.O.C., meeting SoCal A.Q.M.D. requirements. SATIN 646 PLUS is a water based, breathable sealer that performs like an oil based lacquer.
This product makes oil based lacquer obsolete. Use 646 PLUS in areas where hydrostatic pressure exists. 646 PLUS meets, or beats the performance of
competitive products in protection and hardness. It is easy to use, without overwhelming, harmful or heavy odors.

DIRECTIONS: Test SATIN 646 PLUS first on an uninstalled piece of stone. Apply 646 PLUS with a brush, sprayer, roller, or sponge mop. Work the first coat into tiles for deep
penetration. When visibly dry; apply a light second coat. If the surface darkens or appears wet, it is not yet sealed and needs another coat. Tiles are completely sealed when further
coating does not darken or give a wet appearance. NEVER APPLY ANY SEALER TO A SURFACE UNLESS IT IS COMPLETELY DRY!

COVERAGE: One gallon of MATTE FINISH 646 will cover approximately 400 to 800 square feet per coat, depending on how porous the surface is. Let dry between coats.

LIMITS: Do not use below 45. Do not let 646 puddle or run down vertical surfaces. When testing for desired results be sure to allow 24 hours for curing.

CAUTION: Use rubber gloves when applying. Avoid contact with skin. Prolonged exposure to vapors may be harmful or fatal. Use in a well ventilated area. In conditions which do
not permit good ventilation; use of a breathing apparatus is recommended.

NOTICE: Our only obligation shall be to refund purchase price or replace any of our product proved to be defective. Beyond the purchase price of materials supplied by us, we
assume no liability for damages of any kind and the user accepts the product “as is” and without warranties either expressed or implied. The suitability of the product for an
intended use shall be solely up to the user.


 P.O. Box 5358 – North Hollywood, Ca. 91606,USA



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